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Been waiting to share this wedding for quite some time. To be honest, when this email came in I thought in my head “pshhh, there’s no way they’ll book me for this” letting my self doubt take over because there are so many freakin’ talented people in this city. By some miracle, I got to be there to capture their day and it was one of my favorites of 2014 simply because Tyler & Brooke are such loving people who also happen to have amazing taste (to credit because they are both kick-ass graphic designers as well). A win-win in the world of wedding photography.

I was beyond honored that they chose me to shoot their day and I’d love to thank the fine folks over at Geraldine Magazine for featuring this beauty along with so many other talented photographers. You can give me this low, frostbitten, crisp, winter sun all year. So here it is kids, Brooke & Tyler. :)


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On a rainy day in December, these two were wed. Despite the weather, we celebrated two amazing people with two gracious families. Both Caitlin & Johnny have such a love for people — their own happiness comes from serving others and each other. Soft spoken, playful, and just downright sweet, sweet humans. I feel thankful to have gotten to spend the day with them.

A huge thank you to Kristen for second shooting with me…some of the images below are hers and I’m honored to have had her eye alongside me that day.


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Years later when paths cross again, it’s all kinds of wonderful. Dana and I spent years together in the design program at UW and to stand alongside her and her family on her wedding day was definitely a highlight. I have to say, my absolute favorite part of this wedding was the moments after the two were married — they hurried up the stairs and then the hugs, tears, and squeals of pure excitement were so so sweet. I give you — Dana & Mook.

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It begins. After this very last weekend off, the madness of wedding season begins. I prepared, energized, and ready to tackle it all. This year’s clients have me so excited and I can’t wait to join each and every one of you.

BUT FIRST, Hannah & Chris.

These two were just full of energy & joy. It’s such a nice experience to meet people for the first time and feel like, wait, why are we not friends? It was like hanging out with old college buddies…who happened to be engaged…on the most perfect day in January. Then to have locations sync up to personalities so perfectly (somewhat unexpectedly so) puts the cherry on top. So excited to be shooting their wedding this summer over in Leavenworth.

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