Palm Springs

A few from the my latest trip to Palm Springs — which has become my happy place and I truly look forward to every time I get to visit. Drinks, the pool, the sun…it  doesn’t get more relaxing. This time we made it a point to seek out a few more places to explore and I’ve now successfully added two amazing recommendations for this area.

First, go to the Painted Canyon, or the “ladders hike” in Mecca (takes about an hour to get to from PS). I’m pretty sure I said the word “woah” about 100 times walking through there. My photos don’t do it justice. You get to climb over boulders, squeeze your way down tiny corridors, and climb ladders that lead up to different levels of the canyon. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a wee bit nervous (hello, tiny places when your claustrophobic…all while we’re chillin’ on the San Andreas fault? yea…about that) but it was so so so so worth it. The amount of colors on these walls…just stripes of gold, pink, red, purple. From there, you pop out above the canyons and walk the edge with an amazing view until you make your way back down into a huge river bed. Easily one of the best hikes I’ve been on (and probably the first hike a wiener dog has successfully finished). :)

Next, the Glamis Sand Dunes. It’s incredible that these places exist just within our reach. It’s about a 2 hour drive from Palm Springs (we did all in a day’s trip and it was fine) and you can either pay to get into the park and drive around, or you can do what we did, and just went to the lookout and explored a bit. When we arrived, I just stood there in awe for about five minutes, before running to throw off my shoes and grab my camera. I don’t have many words…you feel like you’re in the Sahara. Just go.

Mix of film & digital — all film shot on a Canon AE-1 with Fuji 400.

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Meg Van Kampen - WOW! What a beautiful place!

kate price - I love these! Beautiful!


You will never, ever, ever in your lifetime meet two sweeter, optimistic, joyful souls than these two.

Let me tell you a little story to prove it.

The three of us made the trek out to snoqualmie to shoot in the snow — something I have LOVED doing this winter — and as we pulled up to our spot, I began grabbing my bags out of my car. As I pulled my camera out and started twisting it into it’s strap, I quickly popped open the memory card slot just to see what card I had put in. There wasn’t one. Whoops, so I go back into my bag searching for my memory card holder. Not in that pocket. Not in that one, either. Hmmm, maybe it’s in here? Nope. My heart sank. I had literally just driven an hour with these two to shoot and I didn’t have A SINGLE MEMORY CARD on me. I could even imagine where it was. Sitting on my desk at home from a previous nights dumping of cards.

“Oh my gosh, you guys…” I panicked, “I don’t have any memory cards. Holy cow, I’m SO sorry.”

I went over the options in my head and realized I had 2 decisions 1) drive back to Northbend and hopefully purchase a card from….somewhere? 2) Call my boyfriend who was on his way home from hunting (hopefully) and beg him to drive out my card carrier. In the meantime, I would be shooting every roll of film I had in my bag. Luckily my boyfriend was 10 minutes from home and said “Yea, no problem. I can bring them to you.” Hello boyfriend of the year award!

During this whole time…what was their reaction? “Carina, it’s okay! We all make mistakes. It’s totally fine. Let’s go get lunch and wait for Tyler”. Johnny even insisted on paying for my lunch. Who does that!? We shot some film, played in the strangely warm weather in Northbend and in turn had waited for some of the BEST light to come across our shooting area. Things happen. I learned my lesson with this one (hey, I’m human) but I can’t help but be thankful for 2 such loving people showing me so much grace. Love these two and cannot wait to shoot their wedding next winter.

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Sarah - Looks like it ended up being perfect anyway!! Wow – beautiful

katie - aww, that’s such a good story. that kind of situation can be the WORST, but they totally kept it from being a big deal. YAY! also – the beauty of these photos (your work + the scenery) are mind-blowing. so, so amazing.

Dana Pleasant - So gorgeous!!!

Rossi - Lovely photos. Third from the bottom takes my breath away. You’ve captured this couple’s love well!

Miss Olivia — Part Two

I don’t have much to say (weird) for this post…only that I’m so glad that it happened. It felt so nice to get out and do something with full reign. Exploring Georgetown and even sneaking our way into a little warehouse.

Here’s the gorgeous Olivia once again. Another huge thank you to Kristen for her genius work.

Mix of film & digital — Contax 645, Tri-X 400. Dev & scanned by PhotoVision

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kate price - These are STUNNING! I really love this shoot :)

dorothy - nailed it

Victoria | Oh So Pretty - Absolutely gorgeous! Love the style, lighting, outfits, shots, everything!

Julia Manchik - Hot!!!! You did such a good job with these.

A little bit of this.

2014. The year in which I’m telling myself to go out on that limb and just do it. Just try it. I’ve been wanting to attempt simple studio portraiture for quite some time — focus on lines of the face. Lips. Reflections in eyes. Jaw bones. Delicate subtleties in expression. This was the time to try it…and I’m so so so glad that I did. The process, the people, and the outcome have created some of my favorite work. I realize I’ve been saying that a lot recently…but I saw this quote when I first started photography and feel like it’s really rung true for me over the last few months.

“Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow.” – Imogen Cunningham

Even though there have been times of extreme frustration and extreme elation, I’ve realized the one constant is that I cannot remain satisfied with anything I’ve created. It’ll never project me forward. I’m thankful for this lack of satisfaction because it keeps me on my feet. Keeps me pushing and fulfilled when I DO, if even for a moment, believe I’ve shot my best work.

I found such a wonderful team to help me pull this off. My dear, dear Kristen who is just such a genius with make-up and hair. I couldn’t have done this without her beautiful, unique, and artistic taste. I’m so happy to call her a new friend. And Olivia. This beauty JUST started modeling in September. LESS THAN 6 MONTHS and she’s pulling off stuff like this. Amazed. Styled by yours truly.

I’ve broken this shoot up into two parts – here is part one, shot in my apartment. Carefully selected and excited to share…a little bit of this:

And for good measure…and because we about died when this happened: Rosco’s modeling debut. I think he has a promising future. 

Shot both digitally and on T-Max 400 (some of the black and whites) processed by PhotoVision.

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Michael - So good, so good!

Iquo - Your photographs are stunning! I love your model Olivia! She’s gorgeous! And your makeup artist Kristen did a fantastic job with her makeup! Love it all!


The Silence

Found a few moments of peace & quiet amongst the snow we got in Seattle this weekend. Always good to rejuvenate. These are a few photos taken the last time we had snow for a couple of hours…before it all melted away. This is also my beautiful friend Lisa, who is quite the female fly fisher, and happens to joyfully allow me pull her out of bed at 7 in the morning to take photos of her.


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Lisa - Thank you my dear friend and fellow freelancer! Your work never ceases to amaze me, and it was so wonderful being able to be in front of your camera. Next time, remind me to smile more though. Haha. I look so serious. :)