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Today seemed like the most perfect day to share another one of my late Winter/early Spring weddings from this year.  A rainy, stormy, heartfelt, intimate day. A wedding that still makes my heart swell every time I think about it. Carolyn. Sweet Carolyn. I will never ever forget opening up her inquiry and coming to tears because I was just so moved with her — her life, her family, her words. She has such a deep appreciation for the things I hold so dear about shooting weddings. See, she’s an oncology social worker and in her words “Working around chronic illness teaches me so much about our strength and resilience, what it is to love and to grieve, and moreover just wrestle with what it is to be fully alive. I love photography as a medium because I think, when done well, it can capture the feel of this aliveness and our emotional/relational experience.” I knew in that instant, with those words, I wanted to work with her, Jake and their adorable 2-year-old, Freya.

I should also point out it was also such a special day because as soon as her inquiry came in, I messaged my extremely talented friend Cozbi (of CJP & Co.) about potentially finding a way to get Carolyn some florals done for her wedding. Cozbi came through and delivered what was one of the most beautiful and sweet set-ups for a wedding…I’m forever grateful to her for making Carolyn so insanely happy with the outcome. She is one of the most talented people and puts her HEART into what she does, if you’re looking for a florist/designer/someone to kill the aesthetic & ambiance of your day, look no further.

Take a look at this sweet little day.

Venue: The Corson Building
Catering: The Corson Building
Florals: CJP & Co.
Day-of Stationery: CJP & Co.
Dress: Watters ‘Satton’ from Nordstrom
Hair & Make-Up: Shyn Midili of Pacific Brides
Cake: Bakery Nouveau


I’ve been an eager beaver for this one. A tinder date that turned into one of the best matches one can imagine. Two of the most stylish people I’ve shot. Enough greenery and candles one set of eyeballs can handle. Just an overall rad wedding. I am SO pumped to share this one.

When this inquiry first came through (via wedding planner extraordinaire, Courtney) I didn’t really know what to make of it — these people seemed WAY to cool for me. Like light years cooler. Like they’re the slick leather jacket while I’m the squeaky yellow rain coat. I mean, Patrick is a badass photographer, and Sarah owns, runs, & designs her own swimwear line. No pressure, right? After the hand-shaking nerves and severe nausea subsided, I learned that it was a match made in photography heaven….and the cherry on top? They’re two of the most loving souls. Just genuinely kind, fun, beautiful people. I knew this was true when I learned that one of the first times the bride’s brother got to meet Patrick, he had invited him over to pack up brown paper lunch sacks with sandwiches to hand out to the homeless in LA. What?!

We trotted around downtown Los Angeles in her amazing gown (lookin’ at you brides, you CAN pull this off), her KILLER shoes, his tailored suit, into the nooks & crannies of that crazy town. I will forever love these two, their families & friends, and this day.

Huge shout outs to the team that made this day possible, especially Courtney of The Joy Parade, who recommended me to begin with, my great second shooter, Lisa Lupo, and the amazing vendor team that beautified this downtown LA gem (all of their names + sites are listed below). Also a giant virtual hug to White Magazine for running this beauty on their blog. Forever grateful!

To Sarah & Patrick: may you both enjoy endless years of happiness together. You two deserve it.

Venue: Alexandria Ballrooms
Planning & Coordination: The Joy Parade
Rentals: Circa Vintage Rentals
Florals: Of The Flowers
Dress: LOHO Bride // Houghton NYC
Hair & Make-up: Mallorie Mason
Cake: Gelateria Uli
Catering: Cocktail Concierge & Classy Parties Catering
Music: The Shrines (Dart Collective)
Lighting: Elevated Pulse

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It’s so fun meeting couples the day of their wedding. Often times, when out-of-state couples book me for out-of-Seattle weddings, I’m rolling up to their wedding day having never met them. I only had Lily & Cordell’s voices in my head from our previous phone chats, otherwise, I knew no other details. What the dress looked like, what to expect chemistry wise, heck what THEY even looked like (hello blind date!). I was so insanely pleasantly surprised when these two rolled up, totally smitten with one another, spitting sarcasm, and having a grand ‘ol time. The entire wedding itself was an awesome surprise. Little did I know it’d be a Persian celebration from Lily’s side with Caribbean flair from Cordell side (Antigua to be exact). The two also had impeccable taste, were extremely laid back, had the most welcoming/loving families…..I couldn’t wipe a smile off my face the entire night. The cherry on top? The Fig House is by far one of the coolest venues I’ve gotten to shoot at, with a killer team, amazing food, the entire process of being married there is an *experience*. Cheers to them for creating that for their clients.

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Traveling for weddings has become such a treat. A new place, new sites, new smells, sounds, things to soak in. While it’s exciting to explore, I always look forward to finding out why this particular place was chosen for a couple. Is it a special place relationship wise? Is it the surroundings? Is it the memories? What tiny corner of this city to you know that others don’t?

For Jess & Sean, it’s so easy to see why they got married here. The Kualoa Ranch is stunning…. but not in a touristy, get your acia bowl, oiled up suntan kind of way. No. This side of the island is the laid back, shrimp shack, warm morning rain, rooster call kind of Hawaii. Filled with beautiful people with beautiful souls. It’s easy to see why they fell in love with it.

These two met in college while as WSU and have played for keeps ever since. They have a love for people, their families, for their sweet pup. From Pullman, to Seattle, to Hawaii, their adventurous spirits were the perfect match for ceremony-by-boat, barefoot reception, unity cocktail, jurassic park setting. Excited to share this one. View full post »

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It’s funny how certain things stick out in my mind when I think back about a wedding.

For Jeremy & Laura’s day…there were a few things that will forever been engrained my mind. Seeing a little lady bug land on Laura’s robe while she got ready, galavanting around in the rain just trying to park close enough to our locations so Laura wouldn’t have to trek in her killer shoes in the wet muck, looking at Jeremy a few times to catch him just staring with a huge grin at his bride, watching Laura get escorted down the aisle by both her dads, the look of pure shock/joy on their faces when they got to see their reception space all set-up for the first time, sneaking seconds of mac’n’cheese (I completely ignore my no-dairy at weddings, so sue me), Laura sneaking away in the back room for a “cool down” time during dancing, the list goes on and on… it was one for the books. I loved this day…and I loved these two.

Shout out to Laura’s insane design talents and orchestrating this wedding from scratch. ALL of the decor/art direction is hers. A girl after my own heart.

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