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Things are running a mile a minute over here at Carina Skrobecki headquarters (i.e. my 10’x10′ room that has a giant black office chair that I’m currently glued to editing my eyeballs out). Figured it’s been a little quiet over here wedding-wise, so I’d give you a quick run down of what it looks like in this neck of the woods for the past few months….you know to keep you peeps coming back to this blog.

Here’s to endless coffee, late nights, and a very, very eventful August to come (both in business & personal — can’t wait!) View full post »

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I’d like to think I’m somewhat of a “musical person” but the truth is, I don’t have vast collections of vinyls, I’m never really on on the hunt for the newest song, unheard band, underground shows, etc. I didn’t grow up listening to my parents favorite music as they usually just listened to the radio…..I guess you could say I like a little of everything. Blues, pop, country, rock, hip hop, r&b, jazz, classical, indie, you name it, there’s likely a song in that genre I like.

However, I’m finding more and more that I’m really inspired by the music I hear — to the point where it’s birthing shoot ideas. This shoot in particular was brought to life after I had heard a song that was upbeat, had some spanish flair, a little street, bright, edgy, and oh-so catchy. That meant shooting in bright sun, maybe an old caddy (ummm yea, that was PURE luck a nice gentlemen ulled up in one right where we were shooting and let us use it!), higher f-stops, floral suits, an empty swimming pool. I threw a moodboard together and a few months later out popped this shoot. I wanted it to be a modern take on old town Havana, a little street-style vibe, and just something fun.

Also, huge thank you to this gem of a human — Gene — and my trusty editorial stylist Andrea Alder. Couldn’t have pulled it off without your brilliant minds. Here’s to having a little fun behind the lens. View full post »

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One from the archives today — last October to be exact. I feel like I had a trifecta of wonderful October brides this last year. Each one so unique and with a style all their own. Jean was among those brides and really knocked it out of the park in terms of making me feel like an old friend. In a word, these two know how to have FUN. They rode in a school bus, popped champagne, entertained their guests with a magician, had the Husky Marching band escort them after they were pronounced husband and wife. I mean, c’mon now. To good times, good people, and even better memories. Congrats to these two! And a special thank you to Ms. Melissa Leith for helping out with this one! Some of the images below are hers. View full post »


A truly magical weekend with one of my favorite people of all time — Mrs. Sarah Adler (or should I say Doherty?). Even though it took a few meetings for Sarah to remember Kyle’s name…and then 17 dates for Kyle to swoon her into a kiss…. the two quickly realized their romance was meant for the ages. And it’s so true. Their vows made me absolutely weep behind the camera (have you ever seen a wedding photographer cry? yea…I was THAT person). The best group, so many happy tears, huge laughs, endless rosé and THOSE SMILES. Like Kyle said in his vows “the smile so big I can’t see your eyes”.

It’s a good one folks. A sneak peek at my time over in Walla Walla (aka the Window’s 97 desktop screen) with two magazine-worthy faces. :) Love you guys! View full post »


Had an absolute blast shooting the 2016 membership campaign for REI this last Fall. Proud, honored, and excited don’t even begin to cover how I felt getting to shoot for this company. Not only was the team passionate about the message behind membership, but the concept was thorough and the people I got to meet along the way was inspiring.

In all, I got to photograph 26 members all doing completely different things — hiking, biking, swimming, climbing, camping, surfing, exploring, across 5 different locations in 2 states. All of them joined REI as far back as the 70s and come from ALL walks of life and backgrounds. We incorporated a few instant film shots to help tell the story of each individual member and the year they joined the co-op. One of the most memorable parts of  the trip (for me) was shooting a few stand-up paddle boarders and kayakers in San Diego and then looking up and realizing there was a pod of dolphins swimming right past us. Was that real life?! Don’t worry, I was abruptly humbled the moment I tried to make a graceful sand landing in my kayak and ended up tipping completely over (gear and all) into the salt water. Magically my cameras still worked, but there’s nothing like flailing, yelling “oh shit!”, and getting soaked in front of a crowd to suck the cool right outta ya. Overall, it was a whirlwind of a shoot, but absolutely worth every second.

Here are a few outtakes from our time together plus a few places where the images ended up. Thank you to REI for bringing me on and a huge shout out to Quinn, Drancy, Buffy, & the entire REI team for making it happen. Once again, you inspire people to head out and enjoy this amazing planet and that’s what it’s all about. View full post »

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