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There’s a really fulfilling and collaborative feeling that comes with shooting another artists wedding. Being able to capture someone else’s handiwork is always the goal with any wedding, but doing it for another artist always feels like a bit of a challenge. There’s something deep within that challenge, however, that makes it feel like a high. A contagious, brain buzzing high because you know every little piece of their creative self was poured into making that day happen.

I loved getting to witness the visionary genius between Rian and Dylan’s wedding day. Rian is a fashionista with an affinity for scarves and Dylan, a post human contemporary artist, focusing on amazing neon work. Add the two together, and you get an ethereal, uber creative, funky fresh wedding. From the ceremony set-up, to their vows, to their atmosphere…everything just fit. I wouldn’t have changed a thing and am so happy I got to be there. Thanks R & D and here’s to strength, energy, union, & divinity.

And thank you to Amber Knecht for rocking it with me that day! And a huge thanks to Seattle Met Bride & Groom for publishing in their latest issue.

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I’ve tried a few times to describe what it was like working with these two and the word “easy” kept coming to mind…. but not the way you’d expect. Not “easy” that it was a breeze to plan or easy that it didn’t take any work or methodical thought. This took a lot of planning & hard work from the bride, her family & friends, and myself. Easy as in we CREATED an easy atmosphere. These two set me up for success in ways far beyond what was expected. A room full of goodies for me to shoot. A ton of time to shoot (2 solid hours of portrait time, y’all). Intentionally selecting & locking down locations before the wedding. Carefully choosing things that represented them and their love story so they could just float through the day. They made my job easy.

A few things that made me so proud of these images was the thought that went into the wedding day itself. First off, Susanna is a gem of a human and extremely detail oriented. Not only is she an amazing artist (painter, singer, designer), she’s got a knack for being true to who she is and empowering others to do so. I’d lie if I said some of her writing didn’t bring me to tears. She helped set the stage for this day. From the French-inspired theme (more on that later) to getting married on a Monday, to when I was arriving and what would be laid out for me, how long I’d have to shoot etc. Yes, these two skipped out on having a weekend wedding — they were married on a Monday in August. Yes, a Monday. Truth be told, it was by far the best choice ever — areas for portraits were clear, traffic was a breeze, we weren’t dodging tourists anywhere, things were open & calm and the day was able to flow.

I also love the story behind the inspiration. These two live, breathe, and the french countryside and the details that came along with it. So…a bit behind the inspiration: Provençal meets Belle Epoque. It was based on the era of the Susanna’s engagement ring and their shared time in the Côte d’Azur region of France. There were lavender fields in the village they lived in, thus when deciding where to marry, Woodinville Lavender Farm was an obvious choice as it reminded them of a special time in their lives. Susanna also happened to meet all of her bridesmaids in this same village. After an intimate ceremony, guests enjoyed crepes one long feast table and sipped wine & Pernod aperitif while dancing to 4 piece orchestra. Even their vows were delicately sealed with a wax emblem. Everything about the evening was considered, beautiful, and just magical.

Sorry I’m not sorry for the extreme overload of images. And a HUGE thank you to the rockstar that is Kristen Marie Parker for helping capture the ceremony and some of the details. Seriously people, she’s the bee’s knees.

Lastly, thank you Seattle Bride for featuring this wedding in their most current issue. I’m glad the world gets to see this amazing day. I love these two and I love their love.

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  • Meghan - So misty-eyed. I’ve been looking forward to this post since Susanna told me you were shooting her wedding. Thank you for sharing, Carina!ReplyCancel

  • Niki - Beautiful pictures!ReplyCancel

  • Susanna - I came back for a second read to find that my heart still skips and tumbles and jumps at your words. Oh my goodness, what a day. We could not have remembered it quite as golden without you ✨❤️. Thank you, Carina.ReplyCancel


What a freakin’ adventure 2015 was. 97 shoots total, 11 cities, and so many gosh dang Taco Time runs. Every time I put together one of these posts I always catch myself saying “Oh yea! That shoot!”…so many things that never saw the light of day and deserved to be showed off because I felt like I hit the jackpot with my clients this year — both wedding, commercial & editorial. I left every shoot with new friends connections, new friends, and new lessons learned. I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

I feel so ready to head into next year with fresh ideas, focused thoughts, and eyes wide open. Let’s do this. Goodbye 2015 and HERE’S TO 2016.

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  • Lisa V. Lupo - Carina! Beyond amazing. Really, you’re such an inspiration! I hope your 2016 is even greater!


  • Susanna Champlin - Carina! It is marvelous to see all of the amazing work that you have done this year—especially since I thought you existed only for us and our wedding. ;) That’s the way you treated us—you gave us your all, like we were your only clients. So thankful for you. You are KILLING it. Wishing you the best in 2016, sweet woman!



Son of a Nutcracker! They’re baaaaaaaaccccckkkkk! A few FREE holiday tags for you to download and add to your gifts! Never too late, hence why I’m posting these a whopping 3 days before Christmas (so I’m a little behind, k?).

This year I decided to create a set for the sarcastic lot — the ones who enjoy a funny Christmas movie during the holidays. Elf, A Christmas Story, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, & Home Alone…because the holidays don’t always have to be super warm and fuzzy, right? If you’ve seen the tags I posted in 2013 and 2014, you know the drill. Just click the download link, print, cut out, and add a little sass to your gifts this year.

A happy, merry, safe, fun-filled holiday to you all.

Merry Christmas…ya filthy animals.


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WOAH. Our wedding. Of course I had to share some photos because I LOVED OUR WEDDING, but I also wanted to give a virtual shout out to all of our amazing vendors that helped make this day so special for the two of us. Looking back, there are so many things to remember, so many thoughts I jotted down in my mind as the day progressed….things that changed  last minute and happened unexpectedly. So many things we enjoyed, learned from, and will hold in our hearts forever. I apologize for the novel you’re about to read, but I’m passionate about weddings. They’re extraordinary days with extraordinary people. SO, let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

We knew (or rather, I knew) from day one of our engagement I wanted our wedding to be small and take place somewhere meaningful to us. After seeing/shooting 100+ weddings I knew exactly what I DIDN’T want. I didn’t want to be rushed trying to beat a venue clock (no “you have to be done at 10pm” sort of thing). I didn’t want us having to work around the parameters of a formal venue (no outside catering, no hard alcohol, no this, no that). And most importantly, at the end of the night I didn’t want to feel like I didn’t get to chance to sit down and speak to every single person in attendance, spend time with them, see their faces. Having that perspective helped me explain to Tyler why those things mattered, and of course, who couldn’t agree that those are important? Did having it small make it go by slow, you ask? Hell no. It went by in a flash, but there are so many vivid memories we have of that day because we cushioned it with a ton of extra time and were purposeful with each and every detail. We didn’t want to ever ask someone what time it was, or say “shoot, we’re late!”. We wanted to float. In all, we wanted everything to reflect a few important ideals. Intention. Family tradition. Joy. Without taking ourselves TOO seriously.

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  • Kate - This is amazing! I loved reading this and seeing these photos. You are a dream bride. XOXOReplyCancel

  • Ola | Mikmok blog - First of all – congratulations!

    I really love your blog and your goergous photographies :) I see that you had pierogi at your reception. And you’ve got polish surname too – does your family come from Poland? :)ReplyCancel

  • katie - WOW. so stunning. and perfect.

    My grandparents live on Vashon and I can 100% see why you’d want to have your wedding there. So beautiful + special!!ReplyCancel

  • Lisa Lupo - WOW!!! Your day looks BEAUTIFUL and just so perfect!ReplyCancel

  • Marla - Love it. All of it. Especially your last statement. And it looks like you did so, in spades. Kudos and congrats again, Carina!ReplyCancel

  • cozbi - SO lovely! well done! brought tears to my eyes. xxReplyCancel

  • Megan - I just flipped through these again to relive the memories :) Just perfect!ReplyCancel