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Marika & Travis. Dog loving, caring, great senses of humor, stylish. What else could you want? I packed up after my lovely Palm Springs wedding and drove west (on Halloween) to LA to shoot these two and we had a grand ‘ol time. Here’s to that low-in-the-sky California sun….and to these two for not thinking I’m a total whack job for trolling around the back alley of a Chinese food restaurants. :)

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Tucked away in Palm Desert, these two wed the day before Halloween at a gorgeous spanish style property with little nooks & crannies to shoot in. They saw one another for the first time down the aisle, exchanged the sweetest most excited vows, and capped off the evening with an amazing party. These two have hearts to match those beautiful faces — hospitable, kind, and so dang in love. Honored to have been there with Jamie & Chris!

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I’M BACCCKKKKKKKKKK. I’m a married woman. A wife! Holy moly. It’s been the most jam-packed, celebratory, emotional (in a good way) month of my life and I cannot wait to share what it was like to be on this side of it all. I can say one thing — I am TEN TIMES more excited for my clients because experiencing the wedding, the vows, the friends & family, all of it, was the the best dang thing on the planet. I wish I could relive it over and over and over again. Yes, that good.

So after a month or so off, I’m just feeling refreshed & rejuvenated ready for my Fall weddings (5 more until I’m officially done!) I’m also trying something new here. I want to be better about blogging and sharing, so am going to post a little bit more often snippets of what I’ve been up to. Keep ya on your toes, ya? Ya. Okay, so Emily, Evan and I ventured out to across the mountains to welcome Fall and of course, celebrate these two getting engaged. EMILY AND EVAN. Bam.

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Don’t mind me as a catch up on all these weddings. :) 2015 wedding season, I’m coming at you hard.

Ahhh Marla & Ryan. Half from Seattle, half from Kentucky, we ventured down to the beautiful big island for the wedding of these two. I was honored that Marla chose to bring me down to photograph this day and I have to say, the weekend was not short of heartfelt moment, good laughs, and a rain shower or two. However, the intense humidity and warm rain didn’t stop their family & friends from celebrating and honestly, I witnessed some of the most epic ceremony lighting I’ve ever shot. Just as Marla was about to walk down the aisle, the clouds opened up, but the sun also peeked through right at the horizon and it gave us this amazing golden and rainy glow. Definitely one for the books.

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