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CASPhoto_Wedding_Leann&Justin-21Man, have been behind on my wedding game lately! These two were married back in May and I’ve been waiting to get these two up on the  blog. From the get-go these two were overflowing with kindness…their family & friends proved to hold the same spirit. They had one of the sweetest first looks — I was tearing up behind my camera….you guys…. If you’re on the fence about seeing your spouse before the “walk down the aisle”, don’t hesitate. Just do it.

We danced, found warehouses, ate donuts and had a grand ‘ol time. I love these two.


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Breathe in, breathe out. Daily reminder. Little crazy at the moment, but wanted to share a few musings of the last couple of months. It’s been such a fun mix of wedding, engagement, commercial & editorial work. More, more, more!


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  • Moch - Love it Carina! Your work inspire me, have fun in sunny Cali!!!!ReplyCancel

  • dorothy - so many goodies in here! can’t wait to see all of it :)ReplyCancel

  • Brittney Raine - STOP. Just stop. I want to crawl into your photos and live there. Usually when I’m looking through someone’s blog post I see beautiful pictures to some degree. What you do, though, is so different. I feel like I’m outside that window watching a woman write, like I’m on that mountaintop, like I’m at the next table on the street eavesdropping, like I’m there on the field as the action is happening. It is simply incredible, and such a gift. Never stop doing what you do – Carina, I wish I had the pleasure to know you, because you are so inspiring.ReplyCancel

  • Nicole - Amazing. The one of Aaron especially.ReplyCancel

  • ryan - love all of these! so good.ReplyCancel


I’m always interested in how people find me. A referral, a blog feature, word of mouth. No matter which way it comes in I want couples to have a unique experience with me. Their stories are always different, their needs are always different, and I want to be able to capture it in the best way possible… a way that’s true to them. I also want them to have confidence in this choice….in me. That without a shadow of a doubt, I’m the photographer for them. And with these two, I’ll say this: fom the initial email to the consult, I KNEW these two were for me. And I for them. We hit it off, chatted over cocktails, went on crazy tangents…it was like sitting with two friends who I had known for years. Factor in their wedding plans — small, intentional, lush conservatory — and I’m in. Just my cup of tea, people. Give me this everyday and I will die happy.

One of the sweetest moments was witnessing Lillie’s sister walk her down the aisle and give her away on behalf of their father, who had passed. It was moments like that I’m extremely humbled and thankful I get to be an “outsider” looking in. Getting a snippet of something so special in their lives — such an awesome feeling & role to have.

Congrats to Lillie & Byron, you two are the sweetest and I’m wishing you nothing but true, true happiness.

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  • dorothy - these are incredible. dang ladyReplyCancel

  • kate price - i love these!!ReplyCancel

  • Brianne - I know I’ve commented on her dress before but it is SO pretty. In some lights its silver, but is it actually pink? gorgeous. Also that photo of her veil is to die for. Good job, lady!ReplyCancel

  • John Vieter - Dude, awesome work.ReplyCancel

  • Sarah - This is seriously stunning! What a lovely couple!ReplyCancel


A funny thing happens when I start talking with clients, getting to know them, and practically going through the engagement process with them — and it’s something I love — we actually become good friends. Other than sharing exciting news on what venue they booked, or what craft project they’ve finally completed, you share excitements in life & love & everything in-between. This is one of those gals. Brianne was one of the first people to book me for my 2014 season because she booked in November of 2012. Erik was in the military, so they had planned to get married once he had completed his duties and was able to live back in Seattle. That left 2 years of getting to know Brianne and not only chat all things weddings, but support her in her endeavors, excitements in trips to see Erik, and I can truly say I’ve really enjoyed that time. She’s one of the kindest, thoughtful, funniest, and let’s be real….design-oriented clients I’ve ever had. There was NO shortage of amazing little details to shoot here…Brianne is unreal and made EVERY flower at her wedding out of paper. Pretty dang cool.

The last thing I ever want to be is a vendor. I want to be part of the action, the commotion, the love, the chaos and be able to celebrate with people I’ve come to know and genuinely capture their day. I’m so happy I got to be there for theirs. Cheers to B & E!

And a big thanks to Amber Zbitnoff to seconding this one for me…some of the images below are hers.


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  • Lauren - Awww, so sweet! Brianne you look amazing, I love your dress and necklaces! The palette of all of these photos is gorgeousss, Carina!ReplyCancel

  • Niki - I absolutely love your photography! You always manage to capture the most perfect moments in such an elegant and breathtaking way!

  • Brianne - Its so fun to see which photos you selected to share (many of them are my favorites, too!) Thank you again for capturing our day in such a bright and joyful way, just what we’d hoped. xoxoReplyCancel


Oh where to begin with this one.

It was such a fun, emotional, creatively fulfilling, and just HAPPY day. Not only for me, but for a dear dear friend of mine, Kate and her man Adam — who pulled off one stunning proposal. I’m so honored to have been a part of this and capture such a milestone for them. Plus, we had a fabulous day actually shooting for fun (mind you, I love what I do, but sometimes it’s nice to just let loose and do whatever) in a beautiful place, with good friends. Doesn’t get much better. However, let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

My boyfriend and I had ventured out to Eastern WA a few months ago to do a little hiking and exploring and had stumbled upon some sand dunes. Spending an hour or so there, I knew I had to get back there and shoot. Whether it was with friends, clients, etc. didn’t matter. The fact was they were stunning and I needed to return (plus, I had no idea they even existed in Washington!) However, the desire to go out and shoot here quickly grew a second agenda — a proposal.

A bit before we had set our plan in stone with some lovely girlfriends, I get a phone call from Kate’s boyfriend, Adam wanting to see if he could pull of a proposal out at these sand dunes. UMMM yes, sir, you can certainly do that. He was about to walk into one of the best documented proposals in history…3 photographers with cameras on hand waiting to shoot in one of the most picturesque places. Talk about well planned! We spoke, schemed, and figured out a way to make it happen during our day trip to Frenchman’s Coulee. Here are a few photos from the day prior to the engagement…read on.


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  • Jenna Kutcher - Oh Carina, these are amazing and I am over the moon for Kate! I was following you guys on your instagram day so it was even more exciting to see that there was more up your sleeves! The portraits are so gorgeous and they will treasure them forever. LOVE, what a brilliant man. HOORAY!ReplyCancel

  • Kristin - I have tears! Carina – this tells the story so beautifully! The photos are gorgeous and so is that hot couple that I adore so much. Thank you for sharing!ReplyCancel

  • Ruth - These are stunning Carina! Congrats to Kate and Adam!ReplyCancel

  • benj haisch - so epic! congrats, Kate and Adam!ReplyCancel

  • Alison - Oh this is so beautiful! What special memories they will always have.ReplyCancel

  • Jacquelyn | lark & linen - Annnd I’m officially crying! These photos are STUNNING – and so amazing that your friend has these to keep for the rest of her life!ReplyCancel

  • dorothy - hahaha so kate that last lineReplyCancel

    • kate price - Dorothy :) HAHA. I totally said that!ReplyCancel

  • Amy - Beautiful story and lovely photos!!ReplyCancel

  • Tonhya Kae - These make me smile so hard. What a lovely day. You are so good at what you do :)ReplyCancel

  • Angela - Thanks for sharing Kate and Adam’s engagement story and your gorgeous photos. It brings me great joy to see Kate so happy.ReplyCancel

  • Julia Manchik - So so good! Your editing is beautiful, and you got so many good shots in a short period of time after we were all hot and tired and dusty. I feel so lucky to have been a part of this!ReplyCancel

  • kate price - I know I’ve said this already, but these photos are unreal. They are truly such a gift to Adam and I, and I feel so thankful!! You are a talented lady – thanks for blessing us with your skill!!! XOXOReplyCancel

  • Mary - GORGEOUS photos, Carina!! Thanks for sharing Kate and Adam’s story!ReplyCancel

  • Callie - Amazing! I loved reading this — so special you go to be there to witness it!ReplyCancel

  • Dana Grant - This is so amazing! After having heart felt convos at Field Trip, this is even more special to see. Awesome work Carina, congratulations Kate!ReplyCancel

  • katie - These photos are UNREAL. What an incredible story, backdrop, and a gorgeous couple. Although I don’t know them, reading this and seeing these unbelievable photos was such a treat!ReplyCancel

  • Moch - One of my favorites for sure :) curious, where was this at? I am assuming somewhere awesome in WA :)ReplyCancel

    • Carina Skrobecki - Hi Moch!

      Yes, it’s out in Vantage, in Frenchman’s Coulee (there’s a hike that leads straight out to the dunes!)ReplyCancel