Wed // Jay & Sara

I truly, truly believe that there is one perfect moment in life when everything falls into place. The right place, the right time, the right attitude, and the right person. That ONE person you kind of knew you were meant to be with all along. Not a “love at first sight” kind of thing, but when deep down, whether in an instant or over a long period of time, you understand the universe has granted you some huge realization of “this is it”.

These two are near and dear to me. I met Jay while working at my previous design job — he met Sara through another mutual coworker of ours. Jay is part responsible for me meeting MY boyfriend. The circle is quite awesome. For Jay and Sara, I think there was that magic moment where you kind of just know. Your heart is at rest with them. You don’t have to ask questions, balance on doubts, or validate your love, because ya just know.

They were married at a family friend’s place out in Walla Walla — a place special to Sara’s memories. It was a day filled with a calming presence, good company, and a really, really good time. To make the day even more interesting, Jay had broken his hip about 8 weeks before the wedding. Nothing can explain how well these two handled this hiccup than these photos. The two of them were a powerhouse team leading up to the wedding and between them and an amazing family, they allowed the wedding day itself flow with ease. I was honored to shoot this day for them and am excited to have it also featured on one of my favorite blogs today. Take a peek.

So many amazing vendors that contributed to this day — a huge thank you to all of them for making my job such a breeze!

Brides Dress: The English Dept  (Portland Brides…this is an awesome place to go!) — Sarah Seven
Hair piece: Twigs & Honey
Grooms Suit: Suit Supply
Florals: Meridith Isaacson
Catering: Olive Marketplace & Café
Music: Hit Explosion
Paper Materials: Jay Ostby (groom)
Invitation Letterpress: Sean Brown: Pike Street Press

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kate price - DANNNNNGGG LADY :) Killed it!

Claudia - Oh my goodness, I am such a fan of your work!!! This was such a beautiful wedding, congrats for the honor of capturing it and for doing such a beautiful work!! I’m swooning over this!

nicole - You get me every time, Carina. :*)

ryan flynn - so good! start to finish.

Looking back at 2013.

Man. How on earth is 2014 a night away?

I could sit here and try to recount thousands of photos that were taken in this last year, picking and choosing a select few that best represent who I am (and even more importantly, who I want to become as a photographer)…the moments that are forever stained in my mind as I try to look back on the rush that was 2013. There are a few that stand out amongst the others — the moment her port scar is being delicately covered up, the moment a father sees his daughter for the first time and still calls her by her childhood nickname, the grandparents who celebrated 65 years of marriage still tear up at hearing their grandson’s vows. I will certainly try to do this feeling justice, but truthfully, showing these images doesn’t even scratch the surface of how profoundly wonderful it has been. The last 365 days have left me humbled, energized, inspired, and most of all, thankful.

So much has happened. As a photographer, business owner, creative — my world has been rocked. For the good. For the better. For the necessity of everything I am. I was invited into the homes, lives, and projects of so many loving, trusting people who have unequivocally made my journey as a photographer that much more joyful. My first official wedding season is on the books and I was lucky to leave every wedding with my mind and heart overflowing with a desire to keep doing what I’m doing. The highest of highs knowing I must be doing something right.

Putting my whole self into photography this last year has also undoubtedly made changes in my personal life. It’s made me see the world in a very different perspective. It’s taught me when I should pick up a camera, and when I should just leave it be — allowing moments to be just that…a moment. It’s challenged me to think and see differently. To create unity, but also variety (attempting to take a new photo of Rosco every day has challenged me on this to a T….I’m totally serious! It’s been a fantastic little exercise for me). Lastly, it’s allowed me to explore places on this beautiful earth I never even knew existed. And on my own. The amount of adventure I crave in a normal outing has quadrupled — which has made even the simplest of instances fill me with so much joy.

It has been made so clear to me this last year that I’m right where I am meant to be. To be used for reflection. To translate. To see it as it is — but to also know when to interject. To experiment. To not be afraid of doing it my way. To be okay in the frustrations as they likely lead the way to improvement.

To all of the wonderful blessings that came in 2013, to my lovely, lovely clients who took me in on a whim, to my family & friends for the amazing support, to all of the other photographers who shared their wisdom and asked me to come along and shoot with them….thank you. It has all contributed to such a memorable year, big and small. I can’t wait for 2014.

If you’d like to keep up with my daily doings, you can check out my Instagram account, where there is a plethora of puppies, mountains, and people in love. ;)


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Sarah Adler of Simply Real Health - Beautifully written my love. And all of those pictures! I die. Always. Happy New Year!! xo

Natasha Epstein - You are absolutely incredible and talented. I am so proud of you and so happy that 2013 had so much to offer you (or more correctly that you had so much to offer 2013). I can only imagine what you have in store for next year and wish you the very very best. Your work is phenomenal and I am so happy to see you sharing it with so many people as you continue to grow and challenge yourself.

Tonhya Kae - such a good year for you :)

Sally - Carina,

Your photography is beautiful. I love the way you capture moments. You have such a good eye! Lovely. So glad 2013 was such a great year, here’s to even a better 2014!

Dana Pleasant - SO beautiful!!!

Brian Furbush - Such a rad year for you! So pumped to see what 2014 has in store.

Claudia - What a magnificent year, Carina!! I am so thrilled to having found your work and to go through these beautiful and amazing pictures! Your 2013 was such a great year! I hope 2014 brings you even more beauty and adventures!!

Engaged // Megan & Rick

Hellllloooooo. I hope you all had a fabulous holiday! Before I start compiling my “best of 2013″ post (which has been so tough…so many great moments in this last year) I wanted to share Rick & Megan’s engagement session.

There are times a client emails you, and off the bat, you know you two are going to be a great fit. And she asked if they could bring their pooches — you know I’m always game. I love being invited to spend a day with clients and just get to know them. Cheers to these two and can’t wait for their wedding next September in Lake Sutherland.

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Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas Eve! By now, you’ve probably figured out just how much I love this holiday and season. There’s just something in the air this time of year that makes everything feel that much more meaningful – an amazing time to reflect just how truly thankful and fulfilled I’ve felt in the last year. I feel almost too lucky to have spent it doing something new and something I love…I have so much love to give in return to my family, friends and clients who have made it so fantastic. THANK YOU.

I’ll be taking a break for a few days to enjoy time with family & friends for Christmas and then a mini vacation in a *hopefully* snowy cabin over in Eastern, WA. I can’t wait. But before I go, I wanted to share a few photos from a bunch of  different shoots in the last month or two. I’m hoping to share each of these posts in full in the next couple of weeks or so. I just love where we live oh so much. It really doesn’t get better than this.

Wishing you all a fun, happy, & safe holiday. (Oh, and can you see that it’s snowing in here?) :)

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Stephanie Vainer - I hope you have a seriously beautiful Christmas! And these photos are so pretty :D

dorothy - kate price is a babe.