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Had an absolute blast shooting the 2016 membership campaign for REI this last Fall. Proud, honored, and excited don’t even begin to cover how I felt getting to shoot for this company. Not only was the team passionate about the message behind membership, but the concept was thorough and the people I got to meet along the way was inspiring.

In all, I got to photograph 26 members all doing completely different things — hiking, biking, swimming, climbing, camping, surfing, exploring, across 5 different locations in 2 states. All of them joined REI as far back as the 70s and come from ALL walks of life and backgrounds. We incorporated a few instant film shots to help tell the story of each individual member and the year they joined the co-op. One of the most memorable parts of  the trip (for me) was shooting a few stand-up paddle boarders and kayakers in San Diego and then looking up and realizing there was a pod of dolphins swimming right past us. Was that real life?! Don’t worry, I was abruptly humbled the moment I tried to make a graceful sand landing in my kayak and ended up tipping completely over (gear and all) into the salt water. Magically my cameras still worked, but there’s nothing like flailing, yelling “oh shit!”, and getting soaked in front of a crowd to suck the cool right outta ya. Overall, it was a whirlwind of a shoot, but absolutely worth every second.

Here are a few outtakes from our time together plus a few places where the images ended up. Thank you to REI for bringing me on and a huge shout out to Quinn, Drancy, Buffy, & the entire REI team for making it happen. Once again, you inspire people to head out and enjoy this amazing planet and that’s what it’s all about. View full post »

  • Marla - I can never compliment you enough. Your work is so unbelievably beautiful. I love how everything you shoot has such an authentic and effortlessly gorgeous feel. SO happy for you to be working with such awesome clients. Get it, girl!!ReplyCancel

CarinaSkrobeckiPhotography_Kelsey&Camsneakpeek-33A sneak peek at a wonderful week spent with wonderful friends in Sayulita, Mexico. Being a guest & photographer had it’s challenges, but it’s something I’d never regret doing for people I care about.

I’ll say this time and time again — these people did it right. 38 people small, focused on the things that mattered most to them, threw tradition to the wind and found a way to allow two parts of the globe come together and spend time getting to know one another. Cameron is from Australia and the two met while Kels was on vacation…who knew 2 years later, she’d import this guy to the US and we’d have an amazing new man amongst our group of friends here in Seattle. Planting us all in a tiny beach town in Mexico was a sure fire way for us to get to know the Aussie side of the family and grow to love them just as much.

This was a week for the books. We ate, we drank (ahem….a lot), spent our days basking in the sun, playing beach volleyball, exploring the city, and I’d pay a good chunk of pesos to relive it over again. View full post »


Romped around the International District with these two. Cord works for a Japanese company and the two of them hold a special place in their hearts for the ID, which was great for me since it was an awesome change of scenery. It’s one of the great things about Seattle — you can gather so much from goodness & character from a few square blocks. And who needs cherry blossoms when you find an entire mural of them complete with a portrait of Bruce Lee?

Can’t wait for these two to get married in July. Love these sweet souls.

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Winter. The land & time of personal work. I’ve been exploring a bit more on the editorial side of things and have been dreaming up a few series that allow me to play with mediums I wouldn’t normally get my hands on. With this particular set, I wanted to introduce mirrors and see if I could push myself to think in pairs. Not only with two subjects, but the reflection of that same subject, tipping things on their sides to see what we could come up with. And maybe even dabble in some color (gasp). Excited to get more shoots like this on the books. Thank you to a great team who helped me pull this off — their info is all at the end of the post. Enjoy, friends.

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Taking it back to some fresh mountain air and a warm Tuesday in August. I’ve blogged a lot of recent weddings, but this one comes from the archives of this last summer (okay, so maybe not THAT long ago) but definitely a little out of order (it’s kind of been my jam lately). This particular day is one I hold near and dear to my heart — and I needed to share it. Hannah & Chris planned an extremely intimate wedding over at Sleeping Lady in Leavenworth and it was just one of those instances where you leave feeling so overflowed with joy & love. You know the days when you get back into your car and think “holy crap, did that just happen? I feel so lucky”. And that’s the truth. I don’t think reality will ever set in that this is what I get to do for a living.

Hands down one of my favorite ceremonies to date. Chris had one of the best reactions to Hannah coming down the aisle and everyone was so wrapped up in what was going on, they all forgot to sit down. Even I didn’t notice! Even though chairs were provided, we all stood the entire time watching the two of them exchange their vows. After being pronounced husband and wife, Hannah & Chris had their first dance right away with everyone dancing along to Chris’s brother singing “Rivers and Roads” by The Head and the Heart. The evening ended by having dinner on the terrace of the restaurant and sharing stories over champagne. A black bear also made a quick appearance across the river. MY KIND OF DAY.

Congrats to these two beautiful souls. Love you both.

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  • Nicole - What a beautiful wedding!! I love the way you told their story.ReplyCancel

  • Dana Sasinowski - Such a beautiful wedding celebration! I love how you captured the intimacy, and closeness of the families.ReplyCancel

  • Roman Badeshko - Beautiful wedding story. very intrested what lenses you use ? 35 1.4 70-200 and some else? Thanks for inspiration)ReplyCancel

  • Emily Heizer Photography - This is FLIPPING GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!!! I also love the muted red tones and the absence of green. I’ve noticed that processing style with another artist and it’s very interesting and it stands out! I like it!ReplyCancel