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Little Havana



I’d like to think I’m somewhat of a “musical person” but the truth is, I don’t have vast collections of vinyls, I’m never really on on the hunt for the newest song, unheard band, underground shows, etc. I didn’t grow up listening to my parents favorite music as they usually just listened to the radio…..I guess you could say I like a little of everything. Blues, pop, country, rock, hip hop, r&b, jazz, classical, indie, you name it, there’s likely a song in that genre I like.

However, I’m finding more and more that I’m really inspired by the music I hear — to the point where it’s birthing shoot ideas. This shoot in particular was brought to life after I had heard a song that was upbeat, had some spanish flair, a little street, bright, edgy, and oh-so catchy. That meant shooting in bright sun, maybe an old caddy (ummm yea, that was PURE luck a nice gentlemen ulled up in one right where we were shooting and let us use it!), higher f-stops, floral suits, an empty swimming pool. I threw a moodboard together and a few months later out popped this shoot. I wanted it to be a modern take on old town Havana, a little street-style vibe, and just something fun.

Also, huge thank you to this gem of a human — Gene — and my trusty editorial stylist Andrea Alder. Couldn’t have pulled it off without your brilliant minds. Here’s to having a little fun behind the lens.




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