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Lily & Cordell | The Fig House, Los Angeles

It’s so fun meeting couples the day of their wedding. Often times, when out-of-state couples book me for out-of-Seattle weddings, I’m rolling up to their wedding day having never met them. I only had Lily & Cordell’s voices in my head from our previous phone chats, otherwise, I knew no other details. What the dress looked like, what to expect chemistry wise, heck what THEY even looked like (hello blind date!). I was so insanely pleasantly surprised when these two rolled up, totally smitten with one another, spitting sarcasm, and having a grand ‘ol time. The entire wedding itself was an awesome surprise. Little did I know it’d be a Persian celebration from Lily’s side with Caribbean flair from Cordell side (Antigua to be exact). The two also had impeccable taste, were extremely laid back, had the most welcoming/loving families…..I couldn’t wipe a smile off my face the entire night. The cherry on top? The Fig House is by far one of the coolest venues I’ve gotten to shoot at, with a killer team, amazing food, the entire process of being married there is an *experience*. Cheers to them for creating that for their clients.

Here’s to more blind date weddings. :)

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