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Monthly Archives: October 2012

• Fall in the PNW •

There are a few things my outdoor-loving boyfriend has exposed me to in the PNW that I never thought of doing/trying. Squid fishing & Chanterelle hunting are two of the more “odd” ones, yet, I love him for it. It’s something the two of us get to do together and have an absolute blast at. […]

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• Wed // Kristen & Ben •

Took a little trip to the east coast for a fabulous celebration for Kristen & Benjamin. Ben and I met in college, when he was in the grad program at UW for design, and I was an undergrad in VCD. We later crossed paths again when we both worked at Tether, and numerous other times […]

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• Wedding Suites // A + K •

I love this suite. Ombre, gold foil, tropical? We could do no wrong. Amy & Kenn are getting married in St. John, in the U.S. Virgin Islands, so naturally we drew inspiration from the rich & vibrant colors found on the island, as well as textures like linens, rope, palm leaves etc. Amy was keen […]

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A few frames of Ms. Chloe Scheffe. Her and I got to know one another at Tether, and before she took off for RISD in August, we shot around a bit on film. Do yourself a favor and check out her amazing design & photography work here. She’s brilliant.  

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• Wed // Jenna + Phil •

A beautiful wedding with two very special people. I’ve known Jenna & Phil for a couple of years, and they never cease to amaze me with their gratitude, kindness, and overall awesome-ness. I loved being a part of their day, and was ecstatic I got to come along and play with some film (see below […]

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