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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Color Envy // Snowy Neutrals

Maybe it’s all this Scandinavian design all around me, or maybe it’s that being in Poland feels wintery and suprisingly clean that has me inspired for crisp whites and light grays. Although we woke up to a gorgeous cloudless day, I’m still strangely looking forward to coming home to some true autumn weather. Off to […]

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Currently in…

For those of you that didn’t know, I’m currently in Poland. Visiting family. Eating buttery, salty, delicious pierogi. Drinking fabulous beer (despite the horrendous stomach ache) and gaining about 15 pounds for a third of the price of Seattle. Pretty dang awesome! I’m leaving the old sleepy town of Bialystok (where my mom grew up) […]

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Engaged // Corey + Sean

Oh the tides. We wanted to do a beach-inspired engagement session and I knew I had to find a dock. It was actually quite the gamble to find the right location with optimal tide heights- and although these two ended up standing knee deep in water, I was pretty pleased in how this turned out. […]

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Inspiration // Wedding Suites

Happy Tuesday. Did the weather this weekend rock or what? Better late than never I say. Seattle, the estranged step child of global warming, has finally jumped on the bandwagon and thank goodness- it was actually nice to feel my skin bake! And the weather couldn’t have come at a better time, because although it […]

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Wed // Ashley + Ethan

Ashley and Ethan are the type of people where you can’t help but smile when you see the two of them interact. Ethan has such a genuine love for Ashley, and Ashley, such a fresh infatuation for Ethan. The two of them were wed at Ashley’s family’s home in Anacortes- a beautiful estate right on […]

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